Copy Document and metadata From one library to Other library using Nintex

Hello Tech People,

I am explaining about Nintex Work Flow which is using in share point to fulfill most of the business requirement.

What is Nintex?

Requirement : 

How can i copy Document and metadata of Document library in share point to other Document library ?

In simple language i have Two Document libraries.

Requirement Of nintex WorkFlow

Requirement Of nintex WorkFlow

I hope you got Requirement carefully.

Solution : 

I m going with the assumption that , Every one has created Two Document library. 1) Source 2) Destination

Click on SourceList -> Click on library in Top Ribbon -> Click on Workflow Setting – >  Create nintex Workflow.


You have to install nintex if you don’t have . Other Wise “Create Workflow in nintex workflow” is not displayed.

And If your system has already nintex . after that you have to active some feature at site collection level which is regarding nintex.


now click on “Create WorkFlow in nintex workflow” nintex Workflow screen will be open .

— > Select Blank WorkFlow and give it Unique Name.After create you can see display which i have define below.


— > Search “Copy to Sharepoint” In Search box . Drag the symbol and put it on Workflow. and name it “Copy Metadata from one Document To Other.” (you can give as per your mood also.)


now click on ARWDOWN in Workflow and Set necessary configuration to fulfill the requirement.


  1. Select Destination :  You have to pass the URl of the Destination Document Library .
  2. over-Write option : 1) Remove existing item 2) Rename new item 3) Update Existing item
  3. Check Create folder Structure
  4. Check Copy In MetaData

Last Step Save the WorkFlow -> Publish it – > Add item to document library – >Check Destination Library 

Note : Nintex Workflow Develop only in IE. 

Have any query , feel free to ask me .

Happy Coding 🙂


4 thoughts on “Copy Document and metadata From one library to Other library using Nintex

  1. Hi Dipenshah,

    Nice post. One question about the major and minor versions of the copied document through Nintex.
    Are all versions copied too including the version history?



    • Hi Damian,
      Nice question.
      If you are doing a copy operation using nintex Workflow than it will not preserve version history of the document item.

      The following actions will copy a document, but not preserve the versions or version history:
      Copy Item
      Copy to SharePoint
      Call Web Service -> Copy.asmx

      To over come this scenario , there isa other option in nintex workflow call “Move Document.” I’ll write more information in new post .

      if you have any query , Feel free to contact me .

      Happy Coding 🙂


  2. Hi Dipen,

    You have mentioned in above comment that there is an action called Move Document available in Nintex Workflow. Could you please let me know which version of Nintex you are talking about? as I have already check with Nintex 2010/2013/o365 but I didn’t find anything.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.



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