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How to Get web/site/List/ Tittle in CQWP.



Explain you here How to Get web/site/List/ Title in CQWP.

Once I got this requirement How to get Web Title or web title where Item is coming and Bind in CQWP

I have done lot`s of R&D For that but there no provision to get web Title or List Title Direct From ItemStyle.xml

It is Possible but How Let `s See

<property name=”ViewFieldsOverride” type=”string”><![CDATA[
<FieldRef ID=”{fa564e0f-0c70-4ab9-b863-0177e6ddd247}” Nullable=”True” Type=”Text” />
<FieldRef ID=”{64cd368d-2f95-4bfc-a1f9-8d4324ecb007}” Nullable=”True” Type=”DateTime” />
<FieldRef ID=”{cd21b4c2-6841-4f9e-a23a-738a65f99889}” Nullable=”True” Type=”DateTime” />
<FieldRef ID=”{53101f38-dd2e-458c-b245-0c236cc13d1a}” Nullable=”True” Type=”User” />
<FieldRef ID=”{d2311440-1ed6-46ea-b46d-daa643dc3886}” Nullable=”True” Type=”Number” />
<FieldRef ID=”{7662cd2c-f069-4dba-9e35-082cf976e170}” Nullable=”True” Type=”Note” />
<FieldRef ID=”{c3a92d97-2b77-4a25-9698-3ab54874bc6f}” Nullable=”True” Type=”Lookup” />
<FieldRef ID=”{a8eb573e-9e11-481a-a8c9-1104a54b2fbd}” Nullable=”True” Type=”Choice” />
<FieldRef ID=”{c15b34c3-ce7d-490a-b133-3f4de8801b76}” Nullable=”True” Type=”Choice” />
<FieldRef ID=”{8c06beca-0777-48f7-91c7-6da68bc07b69}” Nullable=”True” Type=”DateTime” />
<FieldRef ID=”{1df5e554-ec7e-46a6-901d-d85a3881cb18}” Nullable=”True” Type=”User” />
<FieldRef ID=”{28cf69c5-fa48-462a-b5cd-27b6f9d2bd5f}” Nullable=”True” Type=”DateTime” />
<FieldRef ID=”{d31655d1-1d5b-4511-95a1-7a09e9b75bf2}” Nullable=”True” Type=”User” />
<FieldRef Name=”PublishingRollupImage” Nullable=”True” Type=”Image” />
<FieldRef Name=”_Level” Nullable=”True” Type=”Number” />
<FieldRef Name=”Comments” Nullable=”True” Type=”Note” />
<ListProperty Name=”Title” /><ProjectProperty Name=”Title” />

-Now open you ItemStyle.xml

you can access Project title  and List Title by

<xsl:value-of select=”ProjectProperty.Title”/>  //Get Web Title

<xsl:value-of select=”ListProperty.Title”/>   // Get List Tittle

Remark Once you modified your webpart ovverride List in  <ProjectProperty Name=”Title” />

in ItemStyle.xslt you will not Get absolute URL [&SiteUrl,$LinkUrl,$PageUrl]

you will get break url in these object so it is tuff to manipulate this URL and get Absolute URL

if you want to get URL For Item you can define <ProjectProperty Name=”Url” /> inside ViewFieldsOverride

now you can access url in Item Style <xsl:value-of select=”ProjectProperty.Url”/>

Hope you Get your issue Resolve from this

Thanks SPS